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I Hate My Body Part 327

For fucks SAKE. So my goddamn period was due yesterday. Guess what? It’s not fucking turned up. I’m sorry to swear so profusely (I’m not really sorry) but WHY? Why is my body doing this to me??

Before anyone says “take a test” I already did after work today. Stupidly. Of course it was negative as hell. And it wasn’t even a blag one, it was a FRER so negative definitely means not pregnant. I tried putting my mooncup in this afternoon. Took it out and had the tiniest bit of very watery brown crap in it. Nothing before and nothing since. Not got my pre-period “feelings”, I’ve not even got my huge pre-period boobs 😦

I’m so pissed off. Since I’m not preggo, why can’t it just hurry up and start so I can get on with my next (and last) cycle? Why drag out my misery? WHY DOES MY BODY HATE ME SO MUCH??? I have these left-side twinges/pains that have been coming and going all damn day but not cramps. My brain doesn’t function correctly and if it registers “late period” it gets all excited even though there’s zero reason to be excited.

Can you just all take a moment to pray to the uterus gods and ask them to bring me my period instead of being a giant dick and attempting to play tricks on me because I am super not in the mood. Thanks.




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